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Season 2

Lost and Found Finalist - Best Short Film & Finalist - Best Director 

BLACK FOREST MYSTERY 2 - Best Fantasy Feature Screenplay

The Sound of SilenceFinalist - Best Feature Screenplay

UNO SCRITTORE NELL’OSCURITÀBest Thriller Short Screenplay

Bag-A-Buck - Best Comedy Short Film

HABISZTI - Best Documentary Feature 

An American In Europe Best Music Video, Best Art Direction, Best Dop and Finalist - Best Documentary Short

Natzee Zombie CarnageBest Horror Feature Film

Out of control - Best Animation Film

Sanity Road- Finalist - Best Feature Script

STAY WITH ME - Finalist - Best Feature Script

A Tale of Two Cities in 4 Episodes - Best Television Feature Script

Predator Origins: She-Predator- Best Sci-Fi Feature Script

The Grandfather - Best Horror Short Film

Hitched- Best Short Film, Best Director, Best Sound Design Engineer and Finalist - Cinematographer

"CLEARVIBE" (MUSIC VIDEO) - Finalist - Best Music Video 

The Common Good - Best Sci-Fi Short Film, Finalist - Short Film

EarthLove - Finalist - Best Music Video 

Meeting Director Sam Peckinpah - Best Short Script

WHAT IF - Finalist - Best Concept

Swwart Wovlve Wolve - Finalist - Best Animation Film

Familiar Realm - Best Feature Screenplay

FOLLOW THE ARROW - Best Romantic Short Film, Finalist - Short Film, Finalist - Thriller Short Film, Finalist - Director & Finalist - Cinematographer

THE ROLE OF A LIFETIME - Best Dialogues, Best Foreign Film, Best Thriller Short Film

ALCANZA EL SOL (REACH FOR THE SUN) - Best Drama Feature Screenplay

Oyun's Quest: Prologue - Best Animation Film

SACRED SUN - Best Horror Feature Script, Finalist - Best Feature Script

Blood Dried Hands - Best Feature Film, Best Makeup, Best Visual Effects, Best Cinematography & Best Ensemble Cast 

Michigan: From Celestial to Terrestrial - Finalist - Best Documentary Short 

Americans in Israel - Best Documentary Short, Best Editing, Best Concept, Best Film Score, Best Producer

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