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Season 1

POEM - Best Japanese Film, Finalist - Feature Film

Appearance - Finalist - Best Foreign Film

Tom and Luce - Finalist - Best Feature Film

Project Abaddon: RISE OF THE DESTROYER - Best Sci-Fi Feature Script, Finalist - Best Feature Script

Templin Highway - Best Romantic Feature Script

Hide&Sniff - Finalist - Best Romantic Feature Film

Make My Mark - Best Romantic Feature Film

Agrinoui - Finalist - Best Animation Film

The Donbass children - Best Documentary Feature

LANA & TONI - Best Foreign Film

Water Thrust - Best Feature Film

Think Back - Finalist -  Best Feature Film

Last Stop Tokyo - Finalist - Best Feature Script

Because I Wanted You Not to Know - Finalist - Best Animation Film

Climate Impact Asia - Finalist - Best Documentary Short

EARTH GIRL MISSION - Best Animation Film

Bad Love Tigers - Best Thriller Feature Script, Finalist - Best Concept

MY TIME DANCES WITH ME - Finalist - Documentary Feature 

Dior Lover_Natasa Lanieri Shakespeare - Best Producer, Best Editor, Finalist - Best Director, Finalist - Best Short Film

Hunter's Wish - Finalist - Best Anime/Cartoon Screenplay

Omnipotent Resolution  - Finalist - Best Music Video 

Americans in Japan - Best Documentary Short, Best Concept, Best Sound Design, Best Mise-en-Scene & Best Color Grading

Rise of the Elementals - Best Feature Script

Danger - Best Music Video 

Bat Diary - Best Sci-Fi Short Film

Omnipotent Resolution  - Best Cinematographer

Wildflower - Best Short Script

For the Greater Good - Best Thriller Short Film

BLACK FOREST MYSTERY - Best Horror Feature Script

Atypical Learning - Finalist - Best Documentary Feature 

Lucinda's Pandora - Best Director, Finalist - Best Short Film

Pharaoh - Best Thriller Feature Script

Peria -Best Anime/Cartoon Screenplay 

The Gray Woman - Best Short Film

Hell in Paradise - Finalist - Documentary Feature

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